Talking to Your Kids About Sex: Do’s and Don’ts


It’s the one conversation that makes parents cringe and squirm: the sex talk.

It’s natural if you feel anxious about this and you can let your child know this if it happens. They too will probably feel awkward but if you keep calm and aren’t afraid of having this discussion, it will help them feel safer with you.

If you are finding yourself in this position, considering these ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ may help you handle the situation:

New Fathers Emotional Struggles

“We’re pregnant!”

A first pregnancy is a significant psychological and emotional milestone in the lives of the new parents and often in their families’ lives. But a new arrival can have a “good news – bad news” effect. For instance, the news of a pregnancy can afford family members an opportunity to reconnect and strengthen family bonds if they live far apart. Or, if family relationships are strained, perhaps differences can be temporarily put aside. Plus members of one or both families have a chance to join in a sense of purpose or if they need to have a reason for being together, now they do.