Is the Man In Your Life Secretly Depressed?

Is the Man In Your Life Secretly Depressed?

Men often have some of the symptoms of depression that women struggle with.  However, a man’s symptoms can be different. Answer the following questions with a “yes” or “no” response. If at least half of your answers are “yes,” it may be helpful to consult a therapist to discuss treatment strategies.

  1. Does he harshly criticize himself?
  1. Is he highly sensitive to the idea of being criticized or looking bad?
  1. Does he have a limited vocabulary to describe his feelings?
  1. Does he avoid situations where it might appear that he is failing?
  1. Does he blame others for his bad moods?
  1. Does he demand respect without earning respect?
  1. Does he insist that all of his problems would be solved if only you would change?
  1. Is he suspicious and guarded?
  1. Is he a perfectionist?
  1. Does he have addictive tendencies (substances, TV, the Internet, video games)?
  1. Is he a workaholic?
  1. Does he engage in high risk behaviors (driving fast, spending money unwisely)?
  1. Does he insist that everything is fine when it’s not?
  1. Does he avoid talking about relationship issues that need to be addressed?
  1. Does he seem discouraged about the future?
  1. Does he feel that everything is going wrong no matter how hard he tries?

This quiz is adapted from David B. Wexler’s book: Is He Depressed or What? What To Do When the Man You Love is Irritable, Moody, and Withdrawn. Paperback, 2006, $15.95. ISBN: 1-57224-424-0

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