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Are you having trust issues?
Are you getting angry easily?
Feeling overwhelmed?
Feeling alone?

These are just some of the problems that can upset daily life and relationships. I understand and know how to help. Call or text to 949-244-8572 

Here are a
few ways that couples therapy, marriage counseling, premarital counseling and hypnosis can help. 

Marriage & Couples 
Stop fighting
Resolve conflict
Recover from an affair
Improve intimacy and emotions

Counseling for Women
Understand your choice of men
Have more satisfying relationships
Be heard in your relationships
Nuture yourself as well as others

Counseling for Men
Understand what women need 
Understand women's feelings and how to listen
Express yourself so you feel heard and understood
Improve relationship skills
Enhance intimacy and emotions

Premarital Counseling
Fair fighting 
Career plans
Sexual expectations
Family planning 





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