Jim Swaniger, MA, LMFT

You're looking at therapy websites for good reason. Maybe you're stuggling with a relationship or with negative thoughts or feelings. Maybe you want to stop a bad habit like smoking or overeating or picking the same type of partner. Maybe you just want to stop hurting inside. 

Emotional concerns seldom just go away and can get worse with time. Think of this as Mother Nature's way of telling you it's time for change. 

In the same way your home can feel different after you rearrange the furniture, therapy does some "emotionally redecorating." Just like keeping the same furniture, therapy can't change who you are, it just shows you better ways of using what you have so you're more comfortable. 

Here are a
few ways that therapy, premarital counseling and hypnosis can help. If you have any questions please call me and I'll be happy to speak with you. 

Couples Counseling Helps:
Resolve conflict
Heal hurtful experiences
Enhance intimacy and emotions

Individual Counseling Helps Women:
Understand your choice of men
Have more satisfying relationships
Be heard in your relationships
Nuture yourself as well as others

Individual Counseling Helps Men:
Understand what women want and why
Understand a woman's feeling and how to listen
Express yourself so you feel heard and understood
Improve relationship skills
Enhance intimacy and emotions

Hypnosis Helps
Decrease depression and anxiety
Reduce stress and social phobia
Improve performance 
Stop bad habits like overeating and smoking
Prepare for/recover from medical/dental procedures
Manage treatment side effects
Improve coping skills
Lower healthcare expenses
Reduce length of treatment

Premarital Counseling Clarifies
Expectations of marriage
Styles of communication
Fair fighting 
Career plans
Sexual expectations
Parenting and family planning 





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